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Smells Like Booty

Okay, I'm not hugely in love with either of these songs, but I've gotta say, this mash-up I stumbled upon is really kinda rad, and really well cut together.

Oh, and musical number eleven is coming along swimmingly. Thank god for a good source of inspiration.

Back to work for me!


I am one brave mother... (shut yo' mouth)

All right, you intrepid fans of Star Wars! In my travels here in Central New York, I found my way out to my friend Doug's house for a rather fun Star Wars party, which we have been planning to attend together for several weeks. We decided to go as what my good friend Adam referred to as: "the greatest Star Wars couple ever."

Was it Han and Leia? Han and Chewy? Luke and Yoda? Ghost Yoda and Ghost Obi-Wan?

No, silly. The GREATEST Star Wars couple ever.Collapse )

That time of year, again.

Well, folks, in two weeks and change, I'll be starting at the faire again. May has been crazy, (really, really, incredibly, ridiculous insanely crazy!) though, and lots and lots of things are happening.

Like what, you wonder...Collapse )

War on drugs, or something like that.

I stumbled across this article today, and I feel that the author very plainly articulated my views on drugs in this country:

Commentary - Legalize Drugs to Stop Violence: CNN.

I used to have a very live and let live attitude about illegal drugs, despite that my interest in them is, at best, zero. Never tried it. Never want to. When I was twenty two, a graduate student in my program was killed. Wrong place, wrong time. He walked in on a drug-related robbery while delivering for a pizza shop in Syracuse. His name was Simeon Popov.

I'm temping at the Crime Victims' Center of Chester County until faire time rolls around again. As I work on letters and mailing for the upcoming Homicide Vigil and get further into this world, I remember him. We barely knew one another, and it still made such a profound impact. I can't know what it was like for his family, or for the families we serve, but at least I can understand what it is to have someone ripped so harshly out of the fabric of your reality.


Genre Television. I geek, therefore, I am.

Friends, Romans, and Fellow Denizens of Nerdonia, welcome to my sporadic rant and/or rave about television. This week marked the end of one of my newer obsessions, Battlestar Galactica. It also marked the sixth episode of Joss Whedon's Dollhouse, which I have been watching with my usual and predictable devotion to Joss Whedon. After watching certain developments in this last episode of the new show it seems like a good time to weigh in on the show so far.

By the way, I'd officially like to apologize to Adam for playfully mocking him in 1999 for his Buffy habit. I didn't know. I do now.

Okay, so, There Be Spoilers Here. Don't read if you want to be untainted. Use your willpower and your self-restraint and don't click through. It will all be here later, when you are all caught up. BSG is available through netflix, I-Tunes, and a few are streaming on the internet and on demand. Dollhouse is on Hulu like aliens are on flying saucers.

Behind this cut, my thoughts on the end of the journey for the end of the human race:
Battlestar GalacticaCollapse )

Under this cut, my thoughts about the series Dollhouse so far. Clicking on the one that reads Dollhouse will cut you below the BSG stuff so you will be highly safe, so long as you and your mouse behave. Savvy, Mickey?

DollhouseCollapse )

Mar. 10th, 2009

Welcome to Tuesday's post, where, having finished a large portion of my workload for today, I give details about: the fifteen scariest minutes of my life.

In recent history, anyway.Collapse )

Arizona Part II


Hello friends and fellow livejournalists.

I am currently in the airport in Phoenix, hanging out on an open wireless signal. It's filtered for indecency, so some things are unavailable to me. For example, g-mail is perfectly acceptable, but yahoo is entirely off limits. Also accessible to me: CNN, xkcd, Hulu, whedonesque, and livejournal. OKcupid...not so much. I find it funny.

Time to board. Here's a rundown of the what's what, thus far.

Arizona, Part OneCollapse )

Call off the jam!

Today was supposed to be an intensely song-writing day, but as it happens, I just had a conversation with my client (and former boss, though now the relationship is different and better) which tells me it might be good to wait. Apparently, there is already a script! In this process, the songs usually come first, but if there is going to be a script, that can better inform the musical to make it one big coherent piece. There are still some writerly things I can do today, and I'll get to them, but this gives me a few minutes to put down the guitar and collect some thoughts about the weekend.

You see, this weekend I lost my Roller Derby Spectator Virginity.

That's right.Collapse )

BSG: The Final Season.

Attention Internet!

Behind the cut, I am talking about Battlestar Galactica, Season 4, Episode 11: Sometimes a Great Notion.

There are spoilers. Big hairy nasty spoilers. If you don't like them, and you click on the link, and then get mad at me for putting them here, you are a doofus. Yep. A big doofus. I said it.

SPOILERS AHEAD. Alert! Alert! Alert!Collapse )


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