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Backwards | Onwards

With bullet points!

  • Tonight there was a local dixieland band at Monday night swing, and by god, they swung!  They swung hard!  They played very well together.  Hooray for music!  This is their myspace.  (Is it just me, or are myspace pages segue-ing into a nostalgic internet thing?)
  • I was dancing with an old man (OLD man).  If I had to guess, I would guess that he is about sixty, give or take.  He's maybe 5'5."  And he picked me up and fucking threw me.  It was a huge surprise.  A super fun, huge surprise.
  • I talked to the dude who runs the organization, and thanked him (because I am having a ball), and we chit chatted while dancing.  He invited me to the Wednesday class sessions, which ordinarily cost ten dollars per person per class.  He said "Tell them I sent you.  They are free for you.  Welcome to Baltimore."  Holy crap!  I offered to pay and he said "no, no.  I just want you to come so you can get more plugged in with people."  Which is the point!  His name is Dorry.  Never met one, but I will remember, damnit.
  • I made a circle skirt yesterday while all shut in my house and it's stupidly cute and twirly.
  • And finally, I'll leave you with my most amusing mid-dance exchange of the evening:
Dude:  I did years of martial arts.  (leading pretty well)
Me:  Oh neat.  What kind, or kinds?  (following pretty well)
Dude:  Aikido, which I think is great for dancing. (twirly twirl...spin catch!)
Me:  Oh?  (twirly-twirls spins lots, catches the hand, swings out)
Dude:  Yeah.  It's all about using the leverage of your opponent against them. (twirly twirl...spin...MISSES!  FAIL!)
Me:  (goes blatantly uncaught.  jams and fixes it.)  See.  That's what you get for calling me an opponent.
Dude:  Okay.  It's all about using the leverage of the incredibly hot girl for the greater good.
Me:  Thank you.  

Though that banter amused me greatly, I think my favorite dance of the night was a tie between the old man who fucking threw me and didn't hurt himself, and the dude with the really fascinating arm sleeve tattoo who was a very skilled, but still very silly dancer.  I like the sense of humor that can accompany certain sorts of swing.  
Now I will go finish my immense re-organizational project of the day (all of my sewing notions: ALL of them, from grommets to trim to pins and needles).  And then I will shower because I am gross.  And then I will collapse in a satisfied heap.


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