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I am one brave mother... (shut yo' mouth)

All right, you intrepid fans of Star Wars! In my travels here in Central New York, I found my way out to my friend Doug's house for a rather fun Star Wars party, which we have been planning to attend together for several weeks. We decided to go as what my good friend Adam referred to as: "the greatest Star Wars couple ever."

Was it Han and Leia? Han and Chewy? Luke and Yoda? Ghost Yoda and Ghost Obi-Wan?

Both of these costumes were completely home-made. Douglas noted that it looked like the hardware store threw up at his house, and thus Jabba was born. In person, it looked great, and Doug was actually able to get into it and sit there, if it was his fancy (though at the party, it was more or less just a prop).

My costume was more of a craft store occurrence. For anyone who might be brave/awesome (insane) enough to attempt creating the slave Leia look, here are all of the things that were used to construct my costume:

16 Gauge Copper Craft Wire
28 Gauge Silver Craft Wire
Super Sculpey Clay
Duct Tape (beige)
Gold Acrylic Paint
Gold Fabric Paint
Gold Rub n' Buff
Craft Foam
Fabric (from my stash)
One Old Bra (may you rest in peace though you rest in pieces)
Hot Glue
Chandelier Chain

I am pretty pleased with the results. It's not 100% nerdtastically accurate, but there is no question who I am supposed to be so I decided to not try to make various articles of jewelry and hair pieces. I am very pleased with the outcome, and I had a really good time. People were extremely respectful, and the only people who were outwardly gawking and excitable were the other costumed women.

Here is a short slideshow with a few more of my favorite pictures from the party. It has a better view of the costume, and a few other funny photos (including the only other costume at the party that I really loved and the fabulous woman wearing it).

For my efforts, I was determined to be the winner of the costume contest. Hooray!!! The prize was a Star Wars magazine and an awesomely hilarious lightsaber-wielding Darth Vader Half-Bust Piggybank. There's no one quite like Lord Vader to protect your spare change.

I, for one, am just grateful that I am not enslaved by an alien crime boss on a regular basis. My pajamas are way more comfortable.

Tomorrow I start moving in at the faire! I can hardly believe it. More on this later.


( 2 best shots — Fire Away! )
Jun. 1st, 2009 12:32 pm (UTC)
THE Costume
You Win!
Jun. 2nd, 2009 07:44 pm (UTC)
Awesome. MADE of awesome. And the Han? Yeah: HOT.
( 2 best shots — Fire Away! )


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