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Backwards | Onwards

That time of year, again.

Well, folks, in two weeks and change, I'll be starting at the faire again. May has been crazy, (really, really, incredibly, ridiculous insanely crazy!) though, and lots and lots of things are happening.

I had made plans to pack some stuff down at the place in Baltimore, head into Philly for a few last errands and obligations, and head to New York on the 15th. I was to attend a wedding on the 16th, and more or less wanted to stay put in Central New York until my move-in day at the faire at very beginning of June. This did not happen this way, because on the 13th of May the house that I own with my ex-fiance sold. Woo hoo!

I cannot express what a huge relief this is on so many levels. It was the last detail that needed addressing, and so long after things fell apart, it's nice to finally be truly unencumbered. I suspect that now that the business end of things is getting settled, the personal stuff between Nathan and I will just continue get better and better. It's a lot easier to genuinely move on when you aren't in one legally notable way still stuck together, I think. I am not sorry that we didn't marry, but there are times when I really miss my friend. I am hopeful that sooner rather than distantly later it will be really easy to interact with him in that way.

So, I rehashed the plan. Some things were moved from last week to this week to open up a little free time for me at the tail end of last week. I came back to Philly after the wedding, and have been working on the last of the things at the house, and my enormously long packing list for Sterling. Fortunately, most of my little odds and ends have already been moved down to Baltimore, where I am sharing a place with Nate (not to be confused with Nathan). My grown-up furniture had been living at the house in an effort to better stage it for sale. This means that when I return from my stint at the faire, I will be reunited with the furniture that is a little less shack-ass (yes, that was for you, Andy) than the awesome card-table and futon set-up I've had down in Baltimore for months now.

And here is where it gets tricky: Nate's fate is a little it up in the air. Due to the awesomeness of him finishing his program at school towards the end of the summer, he will need to find employment and if he finds it offered in places that are Not Baltimore, I am going to be short one awesome roommate. In the event of this shortage, there is not a huge likelihood I'll choose to stay in Baltimore unless I have decent work lined up and a viable (though hardly equivalent) replacement in the roommate department. I just can't live alone in an urban area. I'm way too paranoid. Selfishly, I hope he gets a great job in Baltimore or points very near there so that we have more time. Until that stuff's a bit clearer, my grown up furniture (and about half of my kitchen) is going into Mom's basement. Thank goodness for vast, safe, dry spaces that can hold my things for free.

Did I mention I'm thrilled that in less than two months, I will officially no longer be a homeowner? Wow.

So. The fun things to come in the very near future:
  • Going to a burlesque show with Maria on Sunday. Should be interesting.
  • Dinner with my mentor in a week! Haven't seen her since the holidays, and I can't wait to play catch-up. We've both had a lot happening in the past six months.
  • Finally going to see Alyssa again. She wants me to try to get into one of her last clinic nights for massage school so that I can be a guinea pig and she can get class credit. Yes, please.
  • Going to soon start working on my tenth musical for MTC. I've actually lost count of how may total songs that amounts to, but it's certainly a lot. Starting to think very seriously about branching out into other programs and ideas. I'd really love to get work writing something for people who are allowed to say the F word without getting grounded. (Not that I need the F word, though it sure does have a lot of rhymes...)
  • Moving back in at Sterling as early as May 31 (though perhaps June 1, or later depending on what I hear about my own schedule tomorrow). I can hardly wait to be in the woods with a lot of my favorite people again. I am really looking forward to the work I'll get to do on staff, as well...I like the idea that I'll have a slightly bigger role in supporting and shaping this place that I love so deeply.
  • And last, but by no means least: The Star Wars party. My good friend and sometimes-faux-husband Douglas and I are attending a Star Wars party together on the 28th. It is a costume party, and I am not one to neglect my duties as a guest at a costume party. We are going as Jabba the Hutt and princess Leia. Accordingly, I have spent a lot of my recent free time learning how to sculpt a pretty form-fitting costume out of clay or doing some working out. I am really looking forward to it, if for no other reason than to be part of such a wildly hilarious spectacle. Apparently, Jabba is so big, that Doug is going to need to borrow a truck to transport him to the place. Our costumes are polar opposites, and yet, they belong together. I also figure it's got to be good, on some level, for my nerd-girl-street-cred to own a Leia bikini, especially one of my own fabrication. Eventually, I promise I'll post pictures of Jabba and Leia--it's just too funny and awesome a thing to keep to oneself. It will probably just take a while for them to circulate back to me (I'm not a picture person at all-don't even own a camera), so be patient.

So, I've been crazy busy, but life is really good right now. I haven't been this happy in a long while, and I am hoping the feeling lingers. I am very optimistic.


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May. 20th, 2009 05:21 pm (UTC)
Yay for no longer being a homeowner! Hoping to join you there very soon (got a call yesterday that we have people interested - keeping fingers crossed for that one!)

Maybe get together sometime when you're in town and un-busy (like that ever happens)? We're just at Mom and Dad's unpacking for the next...ever.
May. 20th, 2009 08:29 pm (UTC)
(Not that I need the F word, though it sure does have a lot of rhymes...)

El Camino
The front looks like a car
The back looks like a truck
The front is where you drive
The back is where you...
El Camino
May. 21st, 2009 02:11 pm (UTC)
I'm looking forward to seeing you at Sterling this year. Not sure when I'll be there: all plans are tentative, given my grandfather's health, but I'll get there at least once. (Sigh: this was the year I was thinking about asking Gary if I might drop in to watch some of the prep. Not going to happen, though.)
Congrats on being an ex-homeowner, and have fun with your expanded duties at Sterling!
May. 22nd, 2009 05:08 pm (UTC)
Thanks for both use of the term and for spelling it acceptably. I think "shackass" would also work.
( 4 best shots — Fire Away! )


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